Be true to who you are and what you stand for. Be true to who you are becoming and who you wish to be. Be true to yourself, accept what is and chose that it can be better because you have the power to change it.

Who am I? What do I love? Who do I love? What do I believe? Who do I believe? Where am I? What am I doing here? Why am I here?

These are questions that require our answering them daily. They realign our focus and keep us pondering only on what matters most. When we look at our lives through the looking glass of self-love and self-belief, we quickly are refreshed to take on whatever challenges that may come our way.

Can you really and truly describe yourself as amazing? Is this what you think of yourself anytime you hear your name or hear your own voice? Do you feel loathe or do you feel joy. Do you scream back at yourself, “Shut up already!!” or do you reaffirm in your loudest voice “You go girl!”

Do you pinch yourself to sit back when your but starts to rise at the roll call for the hall of fame? Or do you say to yourself, “Who told you, you belong to that group?”

Do you look at your handwriting and say to yourself, “What a mess, how do I possibly send this note with such a chicken handwriting? I’d do myself a favor and send an email instead.” Or do you let your mind love your scribbling because of the message that it carries?

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and try as you might to avoid looking at your self while you comb your hair or pull on that dress? Does your reflection repulse you or attract you?

Do you hold your breathe anytime you are the topic of attention, or do you drink in the moment, allow the blood rush to your cheeks and go pink from excitement rather than shame?

Who are you when you wake up, your amazing self or your grumpy old self? Who are you when you pick up the kids from school, your amazing self, or your drab, cranky self? Who are you when you make dinner after a long, long, day, your amazing self or your dissatisfied, bitter self? Who are you when you go on a date, your amazing self or your irritable, snobbish self?

Who are you now, today, this moment? Do you per chance think it is absolutely beyond your power to call yourself one thing when you feel something contrary? Do you think you would be unrealistic or are being unreasonable to expect thus from yourself at all times — to  love yourself, to be happy with yourself, to constantly smile and laugh at yourself even when it hurts to do so?

Can you really, truly, absolutely call yourself amazing? Let me give you an assignment that would change your life forever. Whenever you find yourself in a low place, speak out loud to yourself, ‘I AM THE AMAZING MARY, GOD’S GIFT TO MANKIND.”

Of course, if your name isn’t Mary, be gracious enough to insert your name in that space and without doubt or shame or regret; Be your amazing self!


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