Allow your heart and your mind to receive… all of life’s richness awaits your awakening…

Right! Here is where I get to tell you about myself. Quite simply; I am a writer, an aspiring author and I’m terribly shy. I do know however that there’s a lot within me, a lot I have to give that would inspire you, and restore hope as well as peace and joy in your hearts. So I’m stepping out of my “shy box” and stepping  boldly into this space where I can be your muse and your inspiration, while you’re on your journey to discovering purpose and becoming the best girl you can be. Here on my blog, you can relax, curl up, and sip in the nuggets I’ll be serving…They are exclusively yours, tailored to nudge you into blooming. Every girl was made to blossom, so blossom, thou beautiful garden.

For suggestions, questions, or to simply share your journey and what you’re learning from my posts, reach me on citygirl_muse@yahoo.com. You can also find me on twitter @citygirl_muse


“My bursting heart must find vent at my pen.” ― Abigail Adams



Bukkie Allison


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