Month: December 2014

Rekindle dying embers

Remember the silly things that bring laughter
Forget the little things that don’t matter
Remember the soft touch and tender smooch
Forget the mistakes that caused gloom
Remember the fine things that made your eyes sparkle
Forget the ugly deeds that made your heart cripple
Remember the tender kiss that healed the wound
Forget the brashness that caused the bruise
Remember the scars that survived fatal feats
Forget the seasons that brought defeat
Remember your heart was created for love
Forget the times you tried and lost
Remember to give it your all when your vows are tied
Forget the rumours that you will be trapped again into lies

Hope for the New Year

It’s not enough to want the best, you must expect the best. To hope is to have an expectation and a desire for a particular thing to happen. So be hopeful. Be expectant. Expect to see fulfilment in the areas that seem incomplete now. Expect to see new sprouts in the areas that didn’t seem to blossom at all this year. Expect that you would be better at expecting the best and seeing the better side of things no matter what happens. Expect to surprise yourself with pleasant expectations of the impossible. Expect a few bumps along the way and expect to have a few bumpy drives along the path of success. Expect to pick yourself up when you run into a dead end and crash and fall. Expect to stay cheerful when this happens. Expect to keep your eye on that ball and expect to write down your gratitudes at the end of each day. When you expect the best at all times, it becomes automatic, that no matter what happens or how hard we fall, we only mostly experience what we expect. So be hopeful. Expect the best in 2015.

Open arms

Nothing as soothing as the return of a friend once lost
Nothing as comforting as when old memories whiff by scented candles  
Nothing as zesty as the booming laughter of true buddies
Nothing as stirring as the honest confessions of a loved one
Nothing as peaceful as the quiet knowing of a their loving presence
Nothing as warm and loving as the open arms of forever friends
Nothing so desirous as a pleasant reunion that bridges the cold, dry gaps
– for Bose

A special Thank you message for you

Here is to all my readers who have visited and surfed around my blog these past six months – Gracias Mucho! Merci Beacoup! Danke shun! Thank you plenty! It’s been such a life changing experience for me to share my wisdom and my experiences and have you read and be changed in the process. You my readers are the other half of my essence as a writer. Thank you for allowing room in your vast granary of knowledge for my honest contributions. I hope I can continue to be your muse in the following year. To all the city girls out there; thank you for hanging in there. Thank you for staying true to your cause and on course, in spite of all the ‘crazy’ that may have swung in and crashed through your neatly stacked up plans. Thanks for standing out too, for standing for something and holding on to dreams. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey from June up until now. Thank you for being such an amazing reader!!

Thankful Much

I have indeed counted my blessings and there is so much to be thankful for. Most of all, I am thankful for not giving in to the lies and the lies that I couldn’t pull through the tides. I am thankful for not breaking, and allowing the pressures to laugh in triumph over my defeat. I am thankful for not giving up, and allow the evil squids of the matrix sink their tentacles into my senses. I am thankful for not staying down when I fell flat on my face, so thankful for not letting the gloomy-doomy days to subdue me, so thankful I never said never. Forever thankful that I didn’t have to do it by myself, that I never have to go the road alone. I’m thankful much.

A season of laughter

Do not worry so much about tomorrow that you miss out on the joys of today. So loosen up a little, put up your legs and enjoy the moment. Let yourself go a little, laugh a little. Do not let the unmet goals and the shameful disappointments poison the spirit if the moment. Laugh a little, sit around the table with family , loved ones and a few strangers, tell a silly joke about the shots you missed. Make silly faces, be a child a little. Laughter is good medicine.


A season of thanksgiving

We are grateful for another year full and complete with all its trials and triumph. We are thankful for another year full and complete with foes and friends. We are thankful for another year full and complete with burdens and blessings. We are thankful for another year full and complete with pain and pleasure. We are thankful for another year full and complete with grief and grace. We are thankful for another year full and complete with the burdens that dissipated and the blessings that percolated.

A season of love

Come out if your shy closets and send a greeting card with a love note to that special someone that made all the difference. Don’t wait. Don’t say later. Don’t say after. Do it now. Let them know that when they called, they made all the difference. Let them know that when they stayed, they made all the difference. Let them know that just knowing they are here makes all the difference in the world. That they made the year shiny and they make today shinier and because of them this Christmas would be shiniest. Tell them how much they mean to you. Do it quickly. Do it now.