Thinks of me

He sees the days ahead
He sends a note of warning
He comes by night, he whispers into my ears
He is in my dreams, he is speaking with pictures
He stirs the waters
He directs the winds
He orders the events of my day
He wards off danger
He makes it all work for good
He has me in mind

Finds Me

Mercy shields me
Covers me from the callous judgement that seeks to seize me
Mercy frees me
Unshackles me from the tangle that was meant to keep me bound
Mercy guides me
Shows me a way in the jungle, sends me help from nowhere
Mercy finds me
Clothes me and brings me back from the land of no return

Always with me

You never leave me
Even when the stars fail to light the sky
You watch over me
You never say goodbye
Even when I’m empty with no mite of value
You take care of me
You never desert me
Even when I fall before my aggressor
You rise to avenge me

Belongs to me

Lover of my soul
I trail after you like the moon longs for the sun
Seeking you out from dusk till dawn
I follow your scent in the garden
Seeking you out among the lilies
I run for the hills
Seeking you out among the herd
I pant for the waters
Seeking you out like the deer among the woods

Dances with me

He rejoices over me
For his banner over me is love
He dips and twirls with me
For his banner over me is love
He stamps his feet to the sound of music
For his banner over me is love
He is exalted in my praises
For his banner over me is love
He rejoices at my return
For his banner over me love
He welcomes me with cymbals
For his banner over me is love
He is the Lion and my groom
For his banner over me is love

Touched me

When sickness snuck in through an open door
When pain and suffering crept over me
When cramps and discomfort kept me awake all night
When distress weighed heavy upon my heart
When sorrow mixed with despair stung with their poisons
When wretchedness cloaked me with filthy rags
When death’s stench oozed from dark corners
When my soul grieved and cringed in fear
He rises with healing in his wings

Hides me

In a world breeding thorns and thistles
With venom in its every sting
A growing darkness with every passing day
An aggressive evil advancing without shame
Its addict players devising new shams and tricks
My weary soul grieves as I contend with these tides
I go through deep waters
I walk through fire
And in it all he is with me
Surrounding me in the shadow of his wings

Holds me

Like a child carried by her father
He bears me up in his arms and teaches me wisdom
Like an eaglet nestled by the great eagle
He tosses me up in the wind and teaches me strength
Like a cub cradled by the lioness
He frees me from the mouth of the predator and teaches me to trust in him

Walks with me

You are my guiding light
You show me the way to go when I’m in the dark
You lead me beside the still waters
You stir my memory with whispers from your word
You renew my strength
You show me a pathway in the deep waters
You make a walkway in the wilderness
You build a bridge across the abyss
You shield me all through my battles
You walk with me step by step, day by day

Remembers me

I count my blessings
Each one is as beautiful as no other
A badge of honor
A word in season
A help in time of need
Yet just when I think that it is over
That all is done
What more could I ask for
Just when I begin to slip into my comfort
You remember me yet again
You remember me for good