Psalms of Bukkie

Calls me

He calls unto me out of heaven
I hear my name from the depths
My soul is revived at once
I hear the rhythm of my heartbeat
I am awakened
My bones receive strength
My knees no longer buckle beneath my weight
A great light penetrates the darkness
It pierces through my eyes
The path ahead is made clear before me
His spirit is upon me
So that I outrun the cheetah
I must follow the voice of him who calls me
A great fire behind me
To gobble up the one who seeks to pursue me
Before me is the garden of Eden
Where all that I am responds to who He is

Raised me

When I traveled unfamiliar territory
When I trod on sinking sand
When the grave beckoned for my soul
When I fell into a deep sleep
When hell roared its hungry growl
When I stumbled into pits
When they gathered and danced around my limp soul
Then you roared from heaven
Your fury burned and melted the great mountains
You commanded the deep and it gave up my soul
It spat me out upon the shores
You descended swiftly and hovered over me
You gazed upon me with compassion
You whispered my name once but twice did I hear
You touched me with your finger upon my head
It burned my skin and brandished me as yours forever
Fire burned in my heart as life returned into my frail being
I wince a moment, then I go into spasms
My eyes open to reveal a pool of tears
Your angels bare me up in their wings
I can only moan my gratitude for this sweetest of love
I live because you raised me up
You brought me back again

Restores me

He gives me beauty for ashes
Pours me honey in place of bile
Leads me to oceans beyond my reach
Causes blossoms to spring forth
A great forest in place of desolation
Satisfies my mouth with olives
He gives me a new name
I am called Hephzibah, Mara is forgotten
Covers me in gold dust
Dips me into fine fragrance
Clothes me with satin
Surrounds me with servants
My fences are built up
My dwelling is called the City of Palms

Breathes on me

After life happens
And the lifted is abased
After the locusts rampage
And there’s a great famine
After a deathly drought
And a great fire
After judgement passes over
And the valley crams with dry bones
After time completes a full circle
Then will my Lord breathe upon me

Thinks of me

He sees the days ahead
He sends a note of warning
He comes by night, he whispers into my ears
He is in my dreams, he is speaking with pictures
He stirs the waters
He directs the winds
He orders the events of my day
He wards off danger
He makes it all work for good
He has me in mind

Finds Me

Mercy shields me
Covers me from the callous judgement that seeks to seize me
Mercy frees me
Unshackles me from the tangle that was meant to keep me bound
Mercy guides me
Shows me a way in the jungle, sends me help from nowhere
Mercy finds me
Clothes me and brings me back from the land of no return

Always with me

You never leave me
Even when the stars fail to light the sky
You watch over me
You never say goodbye
Even when I’m empty with no mite of value
You take care of me
You never desert me
Even when I fall before my aggressor
You rise to avenge me

Belongs to me

Lover of my soul
I trail after you like the moon longs for the sun
Seeking you out from dusk till dawn
I follow your scent in the garden
Seeking you out among the lilies
I run for the hills
Seeking you out among the herd
I pant for the waters
Seeking you out like the deer among the woods