Sunshine and water


This is so true. You can make it come true for you too. I’ve watched it grow in mine. It is still growing. With time, effort, faith and love, my skill is harnessed, not in the finest of circumstance, but in the best of conditions. How? I’ve learned to create my own climate. So matter what happens, and no matter where I find myself, I will always have sunshine and water. Just enough to nurture my love garden, where my skills are honed and my character built.

You can, if you try


I read the book “Tough times never last, but tough people do” by Robert Schuller, in my first year in the University. Over 10 years down the line and I can proudly say that I have lived and experienced the meaning of those eight words. Praise be to God! So be encouraged…

… nothing lasts forever, if you hold on, you will out live all your fears…