woman power

If you can not feed a million people, then feed just one. – Mother Teresa

Stop waiting for your big break
There is no such thing
At least not without a small break
Sometimes we have to start from where we are
And start with what we have
Before Jesus fed the five thousand
He gifted the wedding feast with new wine
There is a place for little beginnings
Plant your seed and do your best, leave the rest
Big gardens grow from little seeds
Just as big breaks are birthed by little steps of faith
Start today. Start now.

It’s good to be on the side of the angels

It is good to be good
It is good to know what is right and to do it
It is good to be the change agent
It is good to condemn what is not good
It is good to be the good example
It is good to lead the way and not lead astray
It is good to break the chain and stop the infection
It is good to be the first point of call and be that change

As women we have a tendency to pull down and tear apart
Just as much as we have the ability to heal and build up
We must however remind ourselves always that as much as it is a virtue
Being good is also a choice
So be determined to choose the side of the angels, come what may

This too shall pass

You must master the fruit of perseverance
And the fruit of long-suffering
It comes with the package called life
You only need to know when to use it
When you begin to say to yourself
“This is too much… this is too much for me….”
That is when you muster the courage
And you call up perseverance and her cousins
Long-suffering and patience
Because as surely as the sun rises and sets
This too shall pass
However dark and gloomy it seems
It will surely come to pass

It’s not about breaking through the glass ceiling, it’s about building your own house.

Isn’t amazing how women have evolved?
The women of this century are so driven, so zealous, so dogged
So that the battle today isn’t so much about liberating women
Rather it is become a war of the titans
Each woman looking to break records, do the extraordinary
Be called the superwoman
There is something more to life other than professional advancement
Our lives are not a box of fragments rather a whole that is almost certainly invisible
Let us then be mindful of how we build and what it is exactly that we are building
Our lives are beyond the edifices we build and the desires we fulfill
Life is about making the entire indivisible whole of our lives count
It is about giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s
It is about taking care of what belongs to us, what has been entrusted into our care
So whilst others may be drunk with competition, contests and with keeping up with the Joneses
Remember to build your house, remember to nurture the next generation