Woman issues

Be true to your heart and your heart will set you free

Women most especially struggle with the urge to please people
We are often caught between doing what resonates with our authentic self
Or doing what would make the other person happy or pleased with us
When in that space of conflict, we realize that we suffer this unending hurt
Like a knot in our hearts that grows bigger with each time we deny ourselves of true liberty
Liberty to be who we truly are with no apologies to no one
Today I will like you to remind yourself of how wonderful you are
That though you aren’t perfect, you are a good person inside
And that you can be a good person outside
You can be silent when you want to
You can say No when you choose to
You can always be the sunshine of the moment
And you don’t always have to explain yourself to anyone
You owe it to yourself to be true, authentic and sincere
Stop hurting yourself by shutting out your true self and voice

It’s good to be on the side of the angels

It is good to be good
It is good to know what is right and to do it
It is good to be the change agent
It is good to condemn what is not good
It is good to be the good example
It is good to lead the way and not lead astray
It is good to break the chain and stop the infection
It is good to be the first point of call and be that change

As women we have a tendency to pull down and tear apart
Just as much as we have the ability to heal and build up
We must however remind ourselves always that as much as it is a virtue
Being good is also a choice
So be determined to choose the side of the angels, come what may