Wake up and live!

Don’t Postpone Your Happiness


What you fail to realize is this;

For every moment of pain you wish away

You waste yet again a great resource of wisdom

You lose yet again a lifetime of enrichment

You fail yet again to live life fully

You succeed however at keeping happiness away by another day

Face the Music


Some of us are drunk with complaints, excuses and criticisms about how and why nothing is working out.

We laze around our circumstances grumbling, casting blames and wallowing in regrets.

We do not realize that we are deep asleep; tossing and turning and snoring away our opportunities.

Well nothing is going to happen unless you wake up. Cease whining, stop complaining, swallow your excuses and cut out the criticisms.

You really need to wake up and face the music.

Don’t Let Your Life Pass You By



Wake up and live! Pick up your sleeping bag and get moving. Life is ahead not behind you, so stop looking back. It is not going to mark time for you either, so stop wasting time biting your nails in regret. Get up and go… a new path will open up for you… only if you continue moving forward…