Holds me

Like a child carried by her father
He bears me up in his arms and teaches me wisdom
Like an eaglet nestled by the great eagle
He tosses me up in the wind and teaches me strength
Like a cub cradled by the lioness
He frees me from the mouth of the predator and teaches me to trust in him

Walks with me

You are my guiding light
You show me the way to go when I’m in the dark
You lead me beside the still waters
You stir my memory with whispers from your word
You renew my strength
You show me a pathway in the deep waters
You make a walkway in the wilderness
You build a bridge across the abyss
You shield me all through my battles
You walk with me step by step, day by day

Abides with me

In the deep of the waters
When the torrents of life’s mischief submerge me
I find you there
Walking upon the tides
Bidding me come
In the eye of the hurricane
When my indecision overwhelm me with confusion
I find you there
Surfing the storm
Bidding me come
In the midst of the garden
When I am calmest with life’s blessings all around me
I find you there still
Walking in the cool of the garden
Bidding me come

Watching over me

A great cloud by day
He lifts and circles ahead of me
Like a whirl wind, he sweeps my path clean
Frees the footpath of prickly thorns
Shielding my fair skin from the scorching sun
He soothes me with cool winds from his breathe
A pillar of fire by night
Swirling and spinning along my course
Lights up the thick darkness
Chasing away evil shadows
They cringe in his wake
My night becomes like day
The angels serenade me to sleep
My heavy eyes struggle to keep awake
I am mesmerized by their company
As they ascend and descend upon the son of man


The past year had me broken in pieces
Torn in many places
Yet He reassures me
That He will heal me
And bind my wounds
That He will shower on me like the winter rains
That He will bathe me,
Like the spring rains that water the earth

– Hosea 6:1-3