The shameful thing about silence

Like we often say, “Silence is the best answer for a fool”
When in actual sense silence makes you look like the fool
And because this fact is rarely untrue
We have found ourselves in intelligent debates
That mostly hang our opponents out to dry
We shrug our shoulders, feeling accomplished
Sucking up our pride and smacking our lips
Completely subdued by the notion that silence isn’t always the best answer
That our tongue lashing opponent isn’t always the fool
So each time we would swap places, and give the opponent a new title – we make him the victim of our feigned muteness
Whilst becoming the fool ourselves

Subtle Bargains

Say good morning
Instead of just walking by,
It pays better than being blind or invisible

Say thank you
Instead of blabbing,
It pays better than being obnoxious or arrogant

Say hello
Instead of sitting aloof,
It pays better than being a stranger or unsociable

Say I missed you
Instead of asking too many questions,
It pays better than being critical or skeptical

Say I love you
Instead of talking gibberish,
It pays better than to burn or lose

Reversed Metamorphosis

Everything in nature seems to grow from the bottom up
Humans however tend to have it backwards
We are born with 100% neural capacity
Completely oblivious yet absolutely and totally intelligent
As we begin to grow and interact
Science says we become self-aware
And it is that self-awareness that endangers us
As children we believe nothing is impossible
Then as adult we term all forms of belief as ridiculousness
We grow up learning and assimilating like a sponge absorbs water
Yet we develop deteriorating, short-circuited and stereotyped
We are born superior begins but we mature into mere mortals
When a seed is planted, it sprouts, blossoms then lives on until cut down
Humans on the other hand are content with sprouting only
No bloom, no extravaganza, no immortality
When a human is born, his mortal suit grows
While his neural capacity deteriorates
Science says we only use less than 10% of our brain capacity
And most of it is developed between ages 1-6 years
In other words, soon after we are born we begin to die
In spite of our current advancements
The only thing that seems to have grown are our brains
Not our abilities let alone our supernatural abilities
We are content being mere mortals
We wow ourselves with conquering the highest mountains
When in fact we should be moving them — literally
We delude ourselves with advancement
When in actual sense we are inverted and receding