So it is my birthday today —  30th September — Whoohoo!!! And I made a promise to myself that on this day, come what may, I would make up for the past 29 days of silence. And voila! Here I am, giving you a bouquet of roses and 40 nuggets of wisdom, specially written for you, scribbled with undiluted love from my dear heart to yours, bursting with all the devotion you have never known before this day. Here is my birthday wish to myself and I wish you all the same and more — to live life fully and with gratitude. To love God even more and live the days ahead with unswerving confidence, riding upon the wings of his never failing grace. Like the french will say, ‘A votre Sante’ — to your health — Cheers!

— A Votre Sante! —

To your health
To the days ahead
To your dreams
To your success
To your happiness
To your hearts desires
To your challenges
To your victories
To your dawn
To long life

A day at a time

Life is here and now
This moment
A simple thought
A fleeting whiff
The cursory glance at life’s miniature features
Cumulating details of decisions we make by failing to make any at all
A mass of mental absenteeism snowballing downhill
A stockpile of unattended facets, wilting away, abandoned, forgotten
Punctured opportunities and the gradual sipping away of essence, chance, time
Then life passes by, leaving no traces, no footprint, no memories
We become as stone, cracklings, caked by the scorching sun
Hopeless and despondent that once again we have failed to live in the present moment
Life is here and now
This very moment
A beautiful morning, a kiss, a bear hug, a tear

Everything comes around

Life in a way is like a carousel, a merry-go-round
Everything comes around,
Although it isn’t always merry in the true sense of the word
Still our circumstances are a thread of unheeded events, and unfinished businesses
And the unwanted sprouts of an unattended garden
Like a neglected wound, the pain and the resulting infection will force you to care
Like the unresolved issue that comes knocking at your door years later
It is also the beautiful reward,
Like a booming winery following the undaunted effort of grooming a vineyard
Life gives us what we put in, there are no jackpots, no lottery tickets, no shortcuts
And those who win will always begin with a mind to finish whatever comes their way
Life rewards the fearless; not the fugitive, not the deserter, or the runaway

The Magic of Dreams

Dreams are like honey to the soul
A lamp in the dark
Whispers in the wind
A sparkle in the eyes
Speed to agile feet
A distant cry that calls out in the middle of nowhere
Traveling winds that drive the sails of the mind
A shot arrow seeking out its target
True love, deep and intense, that warms the heart and strengthens the body
A slow, steady and sure evolution of infinite thought to physical substance

Little drops

It is the little things we don’t do
That cause the heartaches we don’t want
It is the little time wasted
That cause the disappointments we can’t accept
It is the little things we hold back
That cause the heartbreaks we don’t admit
It is the little things we ignore
That cause the gulf we can’t cross
It is the little things we don’t care about
That cause the loss we can’t bear
It is the little things we can’t overlook
That cause the irritations we can’t avoid
It is the little things we can’t confront
That cause the distance we didn’t intend
It is the little things we can’t let go
That cause the heaviness we can’t unburden
It is the little things we don’t tell ourselves
That cause the  regrets we can’t live with


Thank you for who I am
I have come to believe that I am beautiful
Bold and strong

Thank you for my problems
They have helped to toughen my gut
I realize they only last a short while

Thank you for my wins
Now I know that nothing really is beyond me
Now I can look any mountain in the face without retreat

Thank you for my family
I find that they feed me with so much hope
It is indeed a blessing not to be alone in the world

Thank you for my gifts
Life is a lot more exciting because I can make a difference
I find that no matter how old, I am daily revivified by my purpose

Subtle Bargains

Say good morning
Instead of just walking by,
It pays better than being blind or invisible

Say thank you
Instead of blabbing,
It pays better than being obnoxious or arrogant

Say hello
Instead of sitting aloof,
It pays better than being a stranger or unsociable

Say I missed you
Instead of asking too many questions,
It pays better than being critical or skeptical

Say I love you
Instead of talking gibberish,
It pays better than to burn or lose

True Freedom

When we rid ourselves of all excuses
When there is no cause for apologies
When the needs of others take precedence
When there is absolutely no basis for complain
When we accept responsibility with grace
When we embrace our differences with compassion
When we become truly selfless and devoted to caring
Then would we have discovered the path to true freedom