Love at Christmas

A season of laughter

Do not worry so much about tomorrow that you miss out on the joys of today. So loosen up a little, put up your legs and enjoy the moment. Let yourself go a little, laugh a little. Do not let the unmet goals and the shameful disappointments poison the spirit if the moment. Laugh a little, sit around the table with family , loved ones and a few strangers, tell a silly joke about the shots you missed. Make silly faces, be a child a little. Laughter is good medicine.


A season of love

Come out if your shy closets and send a greeting card with a love note to that special someone that made all the difference. Don’t wait. Don’t say later. Don’t say after. Do it now. Let them know that when they called, they made all the difference. Let them know that when they stayed, they made all the difference. Let them know that just knowing they are here makes all the difference in the world. That they made the year shiny and they make today shinier and because of them this Christmas would be shiniest. Tell them how much they mean to you. Do it quickly. Do it now.