keep moving

No retreat, No surrender


Seriously, life is such an amazing adventure.

Experimenting with every circumstance is a great way to approach life.

And when it gets tougher, you learn to walk on water.

The idea is to keep moving forward.

No retreat, No surrender!

Don’t Let Your Life Pass You By



Wake up and live! Pick up your sleeping bag and get moving. Life is ahead not behind you, so stop looking back. It is not going to mark time for you either, so stop wasting time biting your nails in regret. Get up and go… a new path will open up for you… only if you continue moving forward…

Keep Going


“If you catch hell, don’t hold it. if you’re going through hell, don’t stop…you go ahead…you go ahead…Don’t stop!”

It’s been ages since I listened to that song by Ron Kenoly 🙂 …

You don’t have to know the song, only soak in the words… “You go ahead, don’t stop!”

So how did January go? How would you rate the first month of 2015? Before you rattle off about what’s working and what isn’t… remember, don’t stay stuck… keep moving… don’t stop 🙂