Jacob and Esau

The trickster and his 99 days Prt.2

The Blessing

After a time and a season, the boys’ father, who happens to be blind in his old age, sensed that the gates of time were shutting against him and that his days will come to an end soon. So he called his firstborn son and asked him to prepare a savory dish for him so he could eat and bless him.

By evening the blind old man ate a savory dish, which was unbeknownst to him made by his beloved wife. Then laying his hands on the little brother who was disguised as the big brother, he blessed him with all his heart.

At that instant the deed had already been done. The somewhat meaningless exchange had after a time and a season taken effect. Little brother had earned both title and entitlement. Big brother was too late. And this time he truly should have sort to die but he braced himself and consoled himself with the thought of taking little brother’s life.

Meanwhile the beloved mother will again give another wise counsel to her younger son, “Run away to your uncle’s house. When your brother’s anger subsides, I will send for you.” Then again life happens. When we think we are taking a break, when we feel we are buying ourselves time. Life actually happens. Our journey unfolds. And whether we like it or not, the days are counting and in only a matter of time, gates are shut close and others open.

To be continued.

The trickster and his 99 days

The Exchange

I’ve read a lot of stories about travelers and of all the stories I’ve read, this is my most loved and my only favorite.

Once there lived a young boy, full of life and loved by his mother. He always seemed to have his way and whatever he wanted he got without much hassle. An enviable trait you’ll say.

One fateful day this ruddy chap would trick his brother into passing onto him his birthright as first-born for the savory price of one steamy bowl of porridge. His brother thought it was a ridiculous joke since he was famished and nearing death – according to him. So with one swing of his strong arm, he says “What use is a birthright to me if I die of hunger! You can have it! Give me the bowl of porridge before I quench!”

At this point we both know big brother never quenched neither did he die. I mean life has thought us not once that hunger never kills anyone. And like the many sporadic events of our lives that seem to spring up from nowhere life happens. We forget the seed we have sown. We forget the oath we made. However so carelessly we forget that the deed has been done.

So little brother gives big brother a bowl of porridge and in exchange he earns big brother’s birthright. In the end, there was an exchange at the ‘feasts of porridge’. An exchange that will send ripples of tremor across generations yet unborn. An exchange that would set big brother on the edge and little brother on a journey of a lifetime.

Stay with me. There’s more to come. We have only just begun…