Fall in love

Perfect Romance

He enfolds her at night and whispers sweet lullaby in her ears
He brings her breakfast in bed and spoon feeds her with pudding
He soaps her back and shampoos her hair in the shower
He kisses her bosoms, and rest his head on the belly that cradled his kids
He calls her angel mooning over her like a schoolboy
He worships the ground she walks upon, gently guiding her from behind
He aches for her love like the night aches for daylight
He loves her more as she works the garden and the sun illuminates her skin
He loves her even more in the night light as her eyes burns with desire
He blesses the day he met her, he mutters her praises, grateful for the day she said yes


Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth
Let him hold me with his strong arms and cuddle me with his tender embrace
Let him look in my eyes with that piercing stare that freezes me in time and melts my heart
Let him speak softly into my ears with words so tender they loosen my body and rock my soul
Let him say my name and as the wind lifts the heaviness in his voice, let it come to rest upon my bosom
Let him take my hand and lead me to the furnace within his heart where his love for me is kindled
Let him love me like no one ever dared, like no man ever will


We can hurt
We can fight
We can deny
We can resist
We can hide
We can run
We can challenge
We can oppose
We can refuse
We can dismiss

We can’t hurt forever
We can’t fight repeatedly
We can’t deny at all times
We can’t dismiss continually
We can’t resist time after time
We can’t run endlessly
We can’t hide eternally from love

You can't hide