We were created to live forever
We were born to conquer the sting of death
We have the ability to extend our life span
We can thread our essence through generations
We may choose to be a swoosh in the wind, or
We can be a lasting scent that lingers through the ages
We can be a voice, shrill yet eternally familiar,
Like a whisper, or a hymn, ringing timelessly in every man’s heart
We can be a shinning light, traveling through time and space
We can dissolve into several drops pelleting mass ocean bodies, or
We can be simply, a lasting memory, passed on from generation to generation


I’m thinking about a horrifying story I heard recently about an undergraduate who took the life of his father; stabbed him and chopped him up into bits. This is not a crime story on TV, it happened real in Nigeria, in a country I live in, a real life horror. And all I could think of was, “Whatever went wrong?…How did he get there?”

Unearthed earth
Underwater casket
Deadly secrets
Underlying dirt
Caked clay
Hidden weapon
Covered corpses
Glossed surfaces
Layered strata

Concealed issues
Hidden murders
Secret hatred
Smoldering embers
Unresolved riddles
Colored perceptions
Twisted images
Silent rage
Sleeping volcano

Breaking and entering
Bloody vendetta
Stained carpets
Seared consciences
Broken fences
Broken hearts
Shattered confidence

“Death of the human soul, death of friendship, death of trust, death of a loved one, death of peace, death of love, death of truth. Death is inevitable when we do not speak out in the open, when we do not speak up with courage, when we let things slide, go under. Death is inevitable when we don’t allow the light to shine through.