It begins with the written Logos…


For it is written…

God wrote the scriptures through his prophets and apostles so that as many as read and believe will become living epistles.

So that hope is renewed, and the candlesticks are never without flame. That our lamps never run dry of oil. That we are not without a promise, not without an inheritance.

Because what is written is an attestation to what will be.

What do you have written down?

For it is easy to babble and tell prattle. It takes a sober mind and a little spark of faith to pick up the pen and write…

It takes character to cease from motion and sit down, and count the cost, do the math…

We may be lost forever but it only takes a moment to find ourselves again.

The moment we realize that all we would ever be is bound and locked up in the unwritten logos of our existence.

That what will be is dependent on the epistle you write…

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