A special Thank you message for you

Here is to all my readers who have visited and surfed around my blog these past six months – Gracias Mucho! Merci Beacoup! Danke shun! Thank you plenty! It’s been such a life changing experience for me to share my wisdom and my experiences and have you read and be changed in the process. You my readers are the other half of my essence as a writer. Thank you for allowing room in your vast granary of knowledge for my honest contributions. I hope I can continue to be your muse in the following year. To all the city girls out there; thank you for hanging in there. Thank you for staying true to your cause and on course, in spite of all the ‘crazy’ that may have swung in and crashed through your neatly stacked up plans. Thanks for standing out too, for standing for something and holding on to dreams. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey from June up until now. Thank you for being such an amazing reader!!

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