The trickster and his 99 days Part 9

The emerging man

The last couple of days had been hell on earth. The fear of losing his wives and kids to a wounded father-in-law. He had pursued them many miles after he heard they’d left without saying goodbye.

Junior’s heart split in two for he was terrified that in one night he was going to lose everything that had come to be the only thing that mattered in his life. As the lamented to his uncle, he prayed silently that the angered father and grandfather would be kind and not repay wrong with wrong.

So they settled. It was settled. The women kissed their father goodbye and he in turn kissed his grandchildren goodbye. And Junior’s heart softened with gratitude for being rescued from a cruel separation that could have maimed him for life.

His heart ached from the trauma, from wrestling his fears. He could literally feel the cuts closing up within him as peace returned to him. How did he become this person? Who is this person he is becoming? Junior wondered to himself.

Life’s bends and turns are not just bends and turns. They are the gentle winds or fierce blinding storms bearing just enough grains sufficient to smooth our rough edges and make us like the smooth pebble stones in the desert. So whilst we go on our journeys, we are changing and rarely do we realize that we truly are changing.

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