The trickster and his 99 days Part 6

The strange bride


Junior is staring into the face of the frightened weak eyed girl. The older sister to the girl he loves. The girl who had him working night and day in the fields of her father – his uncle – so he could pay her bride price. The girl who literally stole his heart and he would gladly let her have it all over again. And tonight, on his wedding night, after seven years if hard labor, even though it felt like seven days, Junior hoped that tonight he would melt into her bosom. Tonight he hoped to surrender what was left of his humanity to this damsel, the one his heart and soul pined for.

Yet here he was in bed with a strange bride on his wedding night. Where was the one whom his heart craved and his body yearned? Who would do such meanness to the heart to a man on his wedding night? Who would rip out his heart burning with desire and stuff the bloody vacuum with bile and thorns? What callous and icy deed, that one would play such games with a man’s destiny, his rights and that which is lawfully his.

Junior’s rage turned green; his hands stiff with pain and anger curled up into a ball of maddening craze as he tried to tell himself that this wasn’t happening to him. He never got played. Rather he was the master of the game. He never got burned. Instead he did the scorching. He never saw this coming, this wasn’t right. He was the invisible one.

So Junior stared into the frightened face of the weak eyed girl. A shadow of his damsel. A mock-up of the ravishing image of his beloved goddess. He looked into Leila’s questioning eyes, begging him to show so much as a pinch of what he felt for her little sister. Yet when he had her, all he could think of was Ruby’s dazzling smile, her dancing eyes and her skin soft like wool, her scent like aloes. So it was that all night he drowned himself in hallucinations, in a myriad of hues, lost in a lucid dream, he moaned all night, Ruby… Ruby… Ruby…

Again another heart is rent. Another spirit broken. Another used and tossed aside like a piece of rag. Junior can’t be bothered. He’s been tricked. It was all he could think about. This wasn’t right. He was going to get even. Someone was going to pay dearly for this.

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