The trickster and his 99 days Prt. 3

The journey begins

Little brother, Junior, has packed a backpack and left home. He’s free!! He is prancing and frisking along his path. His mind is full of all kinds of wins, big wins. First he remembers that fateful day, the day he tricked his brother and made him relinquish his birthright over a bowl of casserole. Now who does that? How dumb can you get or dumber if he must. Big never ceases to amuse him he thought.

Next up was father’s blessing. Even though mum had volunteered the heist, Junior thought it was brilliant, he couldn’t have had it another way. A small smile forms at the corner of his lips as he thinks of the many times he’s been smarter than Big or had outdone Big. Now he will gracefully accept the conclusion that the only thing he wasn’t better at with Big, was to be bigger than Big. He had to give him that even if that was all there was. Being big was all Big had going for him.

As for Junior, he was the wise son. His mother often told him that. You will go places, she used to say, crooning her many praises. And here he was, out on the road. Behind him was a childhood that was quickly fading with the dusk. Ahead of him was the highway that led to endless possibilities or so he thought. He had great expectations. He braces himself and hits the road. He wonders at what exploits he will manifest in his new destination. He smacks his lips with cruel delight. He could feel his ego swell in his tight little chest. It felt like it would explode. He shook his head one last time and muttered to  himself. Mehn!! He was good! Even if he said so himself.

And so the deed was done. One little sleight of hand and a series of cascading events follow. Brothers are at war. A home is rent down the middle and a youngster sets out on an adventure with nothing, not a clue nor a care in this world… nothing but his big ego.

The Story continues…

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