There is an interesting story about a man on a journey from Jerusalem to Jericho. Along the way, robbers attacked him; they stripped him, beat him and left him half-dead. Other travelers encountered him but refused to help until along came the Samaritan. He took pity on him and went to him. He treated his wounds with oil and wine and bandaged his wounds. Then he put the wounded man on his donkey and took him to the inn where he cared for him for the rest of the day. The following day he gave the innkeeper some money and instructed him to ‘Look after him’. As he was about to leave, he promised he’d return and pay up any extra expense.

What moving story about love, compassion and selflessness. I have a theory and that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you this December. I do believe that like that man, each one of us is on a lonely journey at some point in our lives. In fact I do believe that our journeys, however crowded, are still lonely and even though we may not know it, we are actually traveling solo. And that on these solo journeys, no matter how far we travel, I believe the Samaritan comes along.

Have you ever wondered about how you survived the darkest seasons of your life? How badly you were broken and down trodden yet you survived. You woke up one morning and there you were, bandaged and cared for with no clue how you pulled through. How that everyone who mattered had deserted you and you were left confused and distraught.

You take one look at yourself today and you know you would be a fool to deny that at some point you weren’t really alone. That in fact you were never alone even though it seemed you traveled solo.

So join me as I explore the mysterious working of the Good Samaritan and how all through time, the Lord God has remained an ever-present help in trouble. I am a living testimony and phase after phase I can clearly trace the footprints of the Samaritan in my life’s journeys. As we move along, I hope that you too would be able to make that discovery for yourself.

Read Luke 10:30-35



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