Precious Cold Hearts

I want so much more than anything to let you in

I find that each day I make it my lot

I want so much for you to stay with me

I find that together we can be warm and share our heat

I want so much to make these moments last forever

I find that with time you shiver and soon you’re gone

I want so much to light a fire and keep it aflame

I find that it is not in our power to make these stone cold hearts flesh

I want so much to find the Lord of our hearts as only He can light the fire that never dies


Life is about a series of journeys and as we travel through life we encounter people, series of people. We find that often we fall out and when these things happen we are helpless. Until we seek to find God, our maker, who through Christ can give us a heart like His own, we never know how to keep our hearts from going cold when we want so desperately for it to be red hot.

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