This is the last of the ember months and the final month for this year. And as the gates were shut for November at 11:59pm on the 30th, a new set of gates opened at 12:00am on the 1st of December to usher in a new season, a new epistle, and new grace for those who would walk through the gates.

Gates are opening and closing all through our lives. The question is; are you aware of this phenomenon of life? It just clocked twelve midnight as I write and it occurred to me that a new gate for a new day had just opened. As one day ends and another gate shuts, it is my earnest desire to do my work diligently as the clock ticks, to live life fervently and serve devotedly, to love unconditionally and forgive 70 x 7 times as along as offenses persists, to give generously, and allow my heart to ponder those things that matter most – like faith, love, hope and eternal peace. To pray fervently and to be a faithful steward unto God and humanity. And after all is said and done, either for one day or just a month, I want to be found standing at the gate with an outcry of expectation – “Open the Gates!!!”

So today in this month of December, perhaps you were never conscious of these gates in the initial stages, you can be aware now as another day is set to dusk so the new can dawn. With outstretched arms let the heavens hear your outcry “Open the Gates!!!” say it with faith and expectation so that the Lord of the gates can be Lord over your day as you walk through with great expectation.


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