So it is my birthday today —  30th September — Whoohoo!!! And I made a promise to myself that on this day, come what may, I would make up for the past 29 days of silence. And voila! Here I am, giving you a bouquet of roses and 40 nuggets of wisdom, specially written for you, scribbled with undiluted love from my dear heart to yours, bursting with all the devotion you have never known before this day. Here is my birthday wish to myself and I wish you all the same and more — to live life fully and with gratitude. To love God even more and live the days ahead with unswerving confidence, riding upon the wings of his never failing grace. Like the french will say, ‘A votre Sante’ — to your health — Cheers!

— A Votre Sante! —

To your health
To the days ahead
To your dreams
To your success
To your happiness
To your hearts desires
To your challenges
To your victories
To your dawn
To long life


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday….may all your all your wish continue to come to pass, both written and unwritten….Enjoy life to the fullest, by His grace 🙂


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