An Old Proverb

My mother once shared an old Benin proverb, “You don’t dust your head until you are way out of the bush”
I wondered at the meaning then and I wonder at it even now
Because I think what she was trying to say is, take things easy
Be patient, don’t get ahead of yourself
I also think that the proverb might be talking about long-suffering
Meaning, wait out your time in the bush, soon you will be out in the clear
So I’ve been thinking about this proverb and how easy it seemed to interpret itself
But I have one question;
When are we truly out of the bush?
I mean when can we dust our head?
Is it when we come to a small clearing inside of the bush, seeing that there are bush-like experiences stretched across our lives or
Do we wait it out till we can put all the bushes behind us?
If that is the case, are we ever going to get the chance to dust our heads?
Well I guess that makes it three questions…

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