Shush!! I Have Something To Say…

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use. ~Søren Kierkegaard

Victory is usually birth in silence, sometimes in darkness or in a cave dimly lit by a candle. It is not won in the open, with the parade of horses and shining swords. Most of all, victory isn’t found in a multitude of words.

King Solomon in the bible said, “The man that has no control over his tongue is like a city without a fence.” Picture that. What does that tell you? It tells you that there is something more eminent required to win a battle or overcome any challenge for that matter.

The reason we often fail is because we are too quick to speak, too eager to show off, too restless to stay still. If we can find the discipline to save our grand speech for later and harness the power of silence, solitude and observation, we will be surprised at our own confidence and overall success.

When you find yourself in harrowing times of conflict, racketing misunderstandings and disturbing accusations, it is not the time to put on a show and brag about your cunning intelligence. Sometimes cunningness is mostly effective in silence.

Moments of chaos and confusion are usually the best time to think. That is when you withdraw into your subconscious to seek guidance. It is the moment for the still small voice. It is time to summon your angels. A time for peace.

Our minds are lazier than our bodies. ~François VI de la Rochefoucault

This may sound like gibberish to a few people, especially those who believe life is about taking a tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye. It isn’t because we are too upset or too busy or too in a hurry that we always prefer to speak than to think. Rather it is because it takes more energy and hard work to summon our minds to action by taking some time to think. Why go through the trouble when you can simply react, right?

So instead of summoning our inner genius to the rescue, we lean in to what is easier — reaction. Reaction doesn’t need thinking for it to manifest. It only requires spontaneity and spontaneity never requires thinking. It is taking action that requires thinking and processing and planning.

It is always easier to react than to take action. To react is to remain unconscious and take no responsibility for your reactions. While to take action is to evaluate your stance and make deductions, while realizing that whatever happens is up to you. It is always easier to volunteer a fancy pun that everyone laughs about than to do the right thing and be the adult.

The trouble with most people is that they think with their hopes or fears or wishes rather than with their minds. ~Will Durant

The next time you find yourself in a mess where it is so dang obvious that you have made a mess of yourself because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut, ask yourself this; what was motivating me? Was it my fears, my insecurities or my pride? Did I feel intimidated to brag about my hopes and my dreams or was I wishing out loud in the open so that everyone can see that I’m doing okay and have need of nothing?

Are you thinking with your emotions or are you thinking with your mind? You will soon agree that thinking correctly, i.e. thinking with your mind, is a solitary journey. It is nothing like the karaoke night or a sleepover party. It is pretty much you, yourself and you.


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