7 Things You Should Never Compromise In Life

    “One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.” ― Jeanne d’Arc

Having rule over your life is like running a personal government with your self where you determine the rules of engagement. It is important to have certain principles you live by; they are like your ‘yeses’ and they determine what the ‘NOs’ would be. They are the solid rock upon which everything else is founded, the foundation that forms the underlying basis of your entire life. They are like written codes of conduct that must never be comprised by you and neither would you give anyone the permission to question your resolve on the matter.

1.    Your Faith: Being a christian myself, faith here stands for the profession of faith in Christ as the son of God. Faith also stands for the scriptures; the prophets in the bible, the gospels, the apostles and all the ordinances by which we are expected to live by. Faith represents the life of sacrifice we are expected to emulated which was exemplified by christ in scripture. Faith represents the power of the gospel which is able to save and give eternal life. This I cannot compromise. A man’s faith has the power to direct the entire course of his life, acting ever so subtly yet powerfully.

2.    True Love: True love is perhaps the second most influential principle anyone should never trade, not for a false security, not for material gain, not for a disguised comfort. True love should be valued highly and revered. It should be believed that it exists and it should be expected to manifest come what may. It should never be relinquished neither should it be renounced. One must always believe in their ability to love and accept that they too in turn deserve to be loved.

3.    Family: Family are your first friends, first companions, first encouragers as well as first discouragers. They are your first crowd and your first judges. They are also your threshing floor and your quarry. Your true test for charity begins at home. Family should be the one place where your security is certain, where love is never lacking and where the fire should never go out especially in winter. Family is the place where you are clothed with blankets, nursed back to good health and given warm food even when you hit rock bottom. Family is the only place where you stand bare chested and walk barefooted not expecting to be stabbed or trapped. Family is the one place were our vulnerability is bare before all; where we can be loser then winner, villain and then hero. We can prodigal and then be molded into the good son. Family is our succor and our forerunner; the predecessor that prepares us for the families we will eventually raise. Never turn your back on your family, no matter what. Love never fails.

4.    Your Passion: Your passion make up the hot coals that warm your heart and brighten up your eyes. They make your hands firm and swift from continuous engagement and tough from repeated trial and error. They give life to weakened muscles and clothe your dry bones with flesh. Your passion gives your life a meaning. Like clean fresh water drawn from a deep well, your passion draws out from within you the very source of livelihood and nourishment. When you are patched and dry, your passion is a living stream watering the coarse grounds of the desert. When you are a budding garden, your passion is a living stream; like the garden of eden, the river which watered it flowed from within itself. Your passion is a gift from God, a gifting planted within you to give you both pleasure and essence, so that you can in turn give the world pleasure and essence. Never trade your passion for anything, not for gold, not for silver. There is nothing that compares to it. It is a life source, upon which many souls are dependent even yours.

5.    The Truth: What is truth? What is false? What is agreeable? What is acceptable? What is right and what is wrong? What is permissible what is resistible? Our world is gravely evolving and values and norms we once accepted as proper, like the family unit for example is daily being mutilated and subtly being relegated as secondary. While other poignant and shamed practices that we never could own up to even in the darkness of our minds are now being celebrated and tolerated in the open. Homosexuality and same sex marriages have taken center stage as a human rights attribute. It is becoming the voice of the majority to absorb a pattern simply because it is radically advancing and occupying our spaces. It is no longer a question of whether it is right or wrong. In the face of viral perversion and criminal artistry, where does your vote go? Is it secretly to endorse this merciless evil or do you vote openly to denounce it with every ounce of your sanity? The truth cannot be relative, white is never relative, it is either white or black or grey, if it isn’t white then it is black or grey. Grey can never take the place of white and call its self relative. It is either the truth or a lie. Always stand for the truth. Our future depends on it.

6.    Your Dream: Who are you and why are you here? What is your mission here on earth. Are you here as a consumer, or a servant. Are you here to satisfy your belly and be gratified alone or are you here to make a difference? What is your work and why do you do what you do? Is it just for the cheddar; why do you work so hard? Why do rise early and why do stay up late at night? What problems are you solving or what solutions are you creating? How many lives are you changing, what services are you offering? Your calling is your purpose, it is that problem you were created to fix. Who are your beneficiaries and what are your special gifts to your generation? No matter how tough it gets, never give up on your dream, never trade your calling, never shove aside the very reason of your existence.

7.    Your Time: We are all different and each one is unique in his or her own way. We are all sojourners here on earth, renting temporary time amounting to 24 hours each per day. Each day we are credited with another fresh set of 24 hours, with no carryovers from the previous day. We can neither bank or save from what we receive daily, and the only way to profit greatly from each chunk of 24 hours we are given is to invest it wisely by the way we think, what we say and what we do. Never compromise your share of eternity’s daily generous offerings. Don’t grub it up ravenously that you don’t remember what the heck you did with it. They are life seeds meant to be planted. Instead, get to work, put your seeds to the ground, to the test, and expect a good harvest.

Your beliefs are your basis, your truth, your essence, your beginning and your ending. Everything you are and will ever be rises and falls on your beliefs. Life is too short. Therefore it would be menace to live carelessly, and live our lives as we wish without caring for right or wrong, what is acceptable by one’s standard’s and what isn’t. It is only by having beliefs that each person is able to determine for himself what paths he must follow and in whose company, so that our beliefs and our principles can stand the test of time.

Never compromise your values – Steve Maraboli


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