I will love deeply, I will live bravely, I will matter greatly.

Now I understand why I have been through all that I have been through. Today I thank my past for lessons learned and I appreciate my quest to know, to understand, and to challenge what could be. I realize that my answers have  surfed easily through the most turbulent channels and in the end, I have found myself at the center of myself.

I regard with high esteem my abilities to take risk, to slow down, to pause, so my inner self can catch up with the ‘vivacious and spirited me’. We will now go on long walks by the riverside — we will go where we can run wild, scream, skip and dance with abandon. We will rediscover what we love, what our true desires are and we will rework the checklist.

We will grub up treasured little dainties long forgotten. We will rediscover our core and what makes us happy. We will prioritize, for we must align – spirit, soul, body, we must become one again.

We will henceforth take this journey together, in alignment and in concession. And in doing so I find myself again, whole, not fragmented, at peace, not at war, fine-tuned not confused. I am in harmony and conformity with my inner self. I am complete in thought and in form.

Henceforth, I’ll allow my heart a level of fragility, to allow love, love that can be hurt but not crushed, love that can give but not sucked dry, love that can receive but not drained. Love that will bear all but not trampled upon, love that would go the extra mile but not become the fool. Love that forgives the past, embraces the present and believes in the future. Love that is true today and for a lifetime.

I will allow my heart the liberty to dream, to dare,  to pursue and to aspire. I will stay awake to experience my own pilgrimage, witness my battles, celebrate my victories. After all said and done, I will like to be remembered for living a life that ventured fearlessly even though I was sometimes afraid, a life that conquered in the end after much defeat, a life that braces itself with strength to persist, in spite of the roadblocks it encountered.

I will allow my heart opportunities to matter in this life and hereafter, regardless of how many times it’s been rejected, shut out, ignored. I will try yet again, over and over, till I scale the high walls of resistance towering between me and my grande stage. I will put on my best regalia, and sing with the loudest pitch I can find, until my boisterous performance shatters through my barriers. I will declare my message with pride. I will continue thus until the heavens sway and the angels sing along.

I will love deeply, I will live bravely, I will matter greatly.


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