Discover the woman you want to be and be that person with pride

People don’t want to see women doing things they don’t think women should do. Joan Jett

One of the best things that has happened in my little over 3 decades on earth is finding the courage to always walk away from something that no longer resonates with my core. It is my greatest strength. Many times I have heard people say to me, oh you are so spontaneous, but that is what makes me attractive, that is what makes me unique. That is where my beauty lies, right there in that messy spontaneity. Look out for my post, (coming soon on my blog) – “The Joys of Imperfection”.

So, yes, I have found strength, not once, not twice, in this flawed nature of mine called ‘spontaneous’. I find that my most beautiful creations have come from the bumping and bruising that occurred from suddenly stepping on the breaks and making a quick turnaround, exit, dash out whatever you choose to call it. And yes, my life has been the better for it. I am happier each day because I find myself growing into the woman I desire to be, brave, determined, focused, and creative, to mention a few of my most dearest pursuits.

I have been able, however tough or dreary, to find my own voice in the midst of the racket that is other people’s opinion, and I have thankfully, emerged right where I needed to be. At the very place that connects me to the next phase of my journey. These fragments of decisions made here and there, supposedly on the spur of the moment stages-of-my-life, make up the little things that I’m most grateful for today. The little things that have brought me most of my biggest rewards in my little over 3 decades on earth.

For this reason, the morale-boost of my musing today is, no matter what people may think you should be doing or think you shouldn’t be doing because they are convinced you don’t have what it takes or because they feel you should know better, remember this — the only person who can convince you into being awesome at whatever you have chosen to be is you. And since you cannot out perform your expectations of yourself, then be sure you have a good picture of what your definition of awesomeness is and begin to walk that belief.

I like being a woman, even in a man’s world.

After all, men can’t wear dresses,

but we can wear the pants. – Whitney Houston

The world is filled with all kinds of wonders in display, every opportunity you encounter is your canvass and you are the artist while your perception about life and its issues are the colors you have to work with. Whatever ensues is up to you, a portrait, or landscape, in oil paint or pastel, painted with brush or palette-knife, whatever medium you choose, remember that the outcome is up to you. It’s all about perspective. You can have joy in your pursuit of purpose, that is if you can find it, however bumpy it turns out or you can be depressed and allow your life to be influenced by stereotypes and old wive’s tales.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.

But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. – Mother Teresa

If you don’t know what to do with your life, start by first appreciating what it is you got. As simple as that sounds, it can be difficult because most times we are preoccupied with what others have that we don’t, what others have done while we are yet to find our path, muchless begin. If this is a daunting task for you to do, to appreciate what you have, so you can discover what you want out of life, that’s fine, you are not alone. We mostly are lost, and not sure where to begin to look for our reasons for gratitude, because we have begun believing the lie that others are better off than we can ever be.

Look at it this way, if you feel what you have isn’t good enough to be noticed, singled out and appreciated, and if you feel you need some motivation to nudge you into believing even the very least about your potential, then remember that your uniqueness is one thing that nobody else has and that is a magic that is yours alone. A magic that can make all the difference, if you harness it and bring it to the bigger picture where the rest of your world awaits your unique contribution. The unique contribution, that only you, has the power to unearth and claim.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt

There is beauty in your dream, beauty not mediocrity or folly or stupidity or any of the silly things you keep calling your aspirations in life. Begin to believe that there is something worthwhile in that lovely little head of yours and that in the midst of all your ramblings is pure unharnessed power and gracious beauty . Be kind to yourself and begin a journey of self-discovery, take a step or two back and look at your life. Take  a moment and look within your heart. Be brave and ask the scary question, “Is this the person I truly will like to be? Am I being that person I truly will love to be? When my days here on earth are over, will I be among the majority who sigh with deep regret and wished they lived their lives differently or will I be among the fulfilled few who will close their eyes solemnly with a quiet whisper, and yearn they had dared a little more than they lived?”

Which one would you be? Dare to live your life the hero and not the victim. Discover the woman you want to be and be that woman with pride and with purpose. You can start today, love what you have, so you can have what you want. Become the magic your world awaits. Be that difference.

Make a firm choice to choose differently, be the hero not the victim – Marc & Angel



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